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Q. What are the first signs of damage? A. Fading of the finish or discoloration of the stain.

Q. How often is maintenance needed? A. It depends upon the weather and sun exposure of the door.

Q. What are the most commonly used stain colors? A. Special Walnut, Red Mahogany and sometimes Dark Walnut.

Q. Do you seal the doors? If so, what type of sealer do you use? A. For a refinished door, a minimum of three coats of spar urethane. For touch ups or repairs, it depends on what the customer wants.

Q. How long does it take to refinish a door? A. Weather permitting, one day to completely refinish a door

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Service Descriptions Door refinishing-includes stripping resanding,restain and three coats Spar Urethane. Door repair- restoring the look of your door without refinishing. Door coats- provides a finish that protects your wood from the damages of rain and moisture Clear Satin, Clear Semi-Gloss, Clear Gloss.


Remember most of your guest come into your home through the front door You never get a second chance to make a first impression.

Door Refinishing

Touch of Class is the company that will make your door look like new once again! We specialize in restoring the exceptional beauty of your older solid wood door finish! From adding a basic clear coat to complete door refinishing Touch of Class has the right option for your door needs! With over 20 years of experience we are the experts of Classic door refinishing! .Only high quality products used .Customer satisfaction is a top priority .Serve the greater Houston area Touch of class door refinishing  door repairs& refinishing



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